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This web site is now part of the Lucky Star travel web site group and gives information that may be useful to travellers and holiday makers that live in or are visiting the West African country of Ghana. The site was previously titled “Sunyani.Org” as the site’s main focus was to be Sunyani and the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana. As this did not happen as expected and as this site developed into a site that covered Ghana as a whole, it has therefore been renamed and move to Lucky Star to be one of Lucky Star information web sites.

The Home Zone gives information about this site. It is also where you will find contact information, legal information, and the site news.


INFO GHANA, the new name for Sunyani.Org.

Visit Site News for full details

The Ghana Zone give some basic information about Ghana.

The menu links will take you to information about some of the regions of Ghana.

The Site News Flash box to the right give you a news flash of changes and updates that are being made to this site.

There is also a link to the Cyber Web Weaver where there is also a lot of advertising. Also some part of this site are currently lacking in information and photos including the page about Sunyani. I is hope to correct this in the future.

Please note that most of the photos that are to be found on this web site are copyright to the owner of that photo so therefore please do not copy or reproduce the photo without permission. Please refer to the Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy, and other Legal Information.


Advertising Information

Note 1: This web site has advertising on several pages. All adverts on this site have some connection with travel or are connected to Ghana in some way. Currently the advertisers may be from a company that offers an international service, a US only service, a UK only service, or a European only service. This refers to the country that you live in and not your destination. Therefore, if you select the wrong advert for your country then please try another. If the product or service you require is not on this site then please try the Cyber Web Weaver web site.

Note 2: Each advert has text below it to help identify the customer area for that advert. They are marked as follows, EU customers, UK customers, US customers, a combination of these, or no text. Where there is no text below the advert, this refers to the advertiser as being more international and therefore they may also except customers from out side the EU and USA. In the case of customers from Canada, please also check the adverts that are marked as US customers as in some cases they may include customers from Canada. Please note that the text below an avert is only a guide and is not guaranteed to be correct. Also note that in some cases once you have entered the advertised site you may have to go to an alternative site that covers your county.

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